About Us

Our nursing staff are imbued with a passion for their field of specialty allowing them to provide extraordinary care….. THEY ARE RELIABLE, KNOWLEDGEABLE, PASSIONATE and COMPETENT.

Things that Set Us Apart

  • Owners have over 19 years of medical experience in the Critical care setting, 6 of those years spent working both travel and local contracts.
  • We are more in tuned with the needs of various departments and are able to better equip nurses with sound advice regarding expectations because we’ve been in their position.
  • Not just filling a contract with a “warm body” Ensuring that each contract is a great fit for both the client and our staff.
  • We treat you like family we don’t forget those special dates.
  • “As a travel nurse, I know what it feels like to always be the new kid on the block so I will work diligently to make sure that you are taken care of.” – Shasta, BSN, RN